Today, having the help of experts to solve problems is of vital importance for the proper development of an organization.


At GOCODE we know about this need and we offer you the advisory service, where an expert in the area will help you choose the right path for your company, so that the procedures are carried out in the appropriate way and thus achieve the maximum performance and profitability your business.



Our advice flow consists of the following:    

  • First steps: Advice on the implementation of Salesforce for clients who are just starting with a CRM.
  • Survey and Analysis: Analysis of the client's business to develop the modeling of the optimal Salesforce configuration that will allow to take full advantage of all the platform's functionalities.
  • Presale: Design and Implementation of tools, Marketing Strategies and Client Prospecting.  
  • Sale: Modeling and Implementation of Supervised, Collaborative, Automated, Agile and Efficient Sales Processes.
  • Post Sale: Advice for the Implementation of an Excellent Customer Service System.
  • Challenges: Design of solutions to technical problems of the platform.