Welcome to GOCODE

About us?

GOCODE is a computer services consulting company, we offer our clients the implementation of technologies designed for them, which allows them to optimize their internal processes and efficiently manage their relationships with their clients and in this way grow their business in a stable, controlled manner and effective.

We deliver an excellent quality service at the lowest possible cost, automating our services and guiding client processes to generate their technological independence.

 What do we offer you?

GOCODE helps you implement Salesforce, analyzing your business and providing you with special technological solutions for your business, in this way we use Salesforce in the most optimal way, to allow you to take full advantage of all the platform's functionalities.

We support you to design your sales management, improve the quality of your service, your marketing management (integration with social networks) and we accompany you in the implementation of your ideas for technological improvements.


Our way of working is based on a collection of characteristics of various agile methodologies supported by a platform (Salesforce) where we manage, monitor and control the Software projects that we carry out with our clients.

Each requirement has its own monitoring, being able to know its status, estimated closing dates, progress percentages and definition of priorities.

The client is created a username and password so that they can access all this information so that they can be aware of the monitoring of the project at all times.

Additionally, weekly alerts are sent that inform the progress status of the requirements, queries alerts, revision alerts, etc.