The main advantage of the Salesforce platform is that it is not specific to your business. Although this sounds contradictory, the high level of customization of the platform will allow you to fully adapt the operation of the system to the current operation of the company. Why is this important? Because of the following: 

  • It allows your collaborators to become familiar with the system's functionalities much more quickly, improving and guaranteeing the easy adoption of the platform in your team.
  • Drive the process improvements your team needs at infinitely less cost.
  • Control the access and visibility of your company's sensitive information and make it available to those who must make strategic decisions for the company.
  • It allows generating new analysis tools and management indicators in a very simple way.
  • Facilitate the adoption of new industry practices more quickly, giving you control when your business needs it. 

Salesforce provides a series of recommendations and a work environment and concepts proposed and validated by the industry related to how the company should manage the relationship with its customers. But at the same time it offers freedom to choose and adapt these recommendations to the reality of your business. This allows you to progressively introduce improvements without having to consider large budget investments in a development team since all these changes can be made by yourself.