The preparation of the sale corresponds to a very important phase in the process of consolidating business opportunities. Many of the activities that are highly recommended to work before the client interview contemplate the classification of the portfolio of prospects, the knowledge of the client and their needs, the knowledge that the client's co-workers may have, the knowledge of the product offered and the vulnerabilities presented to the competition, responses to possible objections, knowledge of the market, etc.

Many of these activities require detailed analysis of reports, graphs and indicators that will help classify, position and identify the perfect customer and product for them.

Salesforce can help your sales force save a lot of time preparing all this information by automating and optimizing all the routine administrative tasks that distract your sales force from its ultimate goal of successfully closing more business opportunities.

In this way, Salesforce CRM will allow you to have a powerful tool that will deliver valuable information at the click of a button, improving the performance of sales executives and significantly increasing the sales of your company.