The sale of a product or service is normally associated with the closing phase of a business opportunity. The truth is that the closing is the conclusion of a series of activities that sellers usually perform intuitively and of which there is no record left to follow up or to understand the reason why the deals we expect are not closing.
The sales process begins with contacting the prospect, either in person or by phone. In this phase it is very important to have useful information that provides a complete perspective of your client, knowing the client is key to empathize and facilitate the identification of their need. Salesforce allows you to have information on all contact activities carried out by your executives, track them, categorize them in order to provide them with a more personalized service, obtain information from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Linked-in and keep a record of lost contacts to understand the reason and perform remarketing actions in the future to win them back.
After the initial contact, the seller must identify the customer's need and understand what the product or service they want is. For this it is essential to have a detailed profile of his interests, to know the client's history with the company and the work previously carried out by the sales teammates.