On many occasions your company already uses specialized systems to carry out various tasks such as: mass mailing tools, website traffic analysis tools, accounting systems, ERPs adapted for your business, etc.

Although the Salesforce platform provides an ideal environment to build and customize many of the functions that these systems perform, in many cases this is not feasible or due to a cost issue it is simply unnecessary.

For example, what happens if a customer wants to purchase your products or services from your website. The first step would be to integrate Salesforce with your website so that your customer's personal information and interests are not lost. This is already done by salesforce with a very simple configuration. But what happens if our client makes a purchase? How can I issue the corresponding invoice to my client with my current accounting system? Do I have to enter all the information again? The idea is that this is not the case, Salesforce can automatically send the purchase information to your accounting system, generate the invoice and send the invoice by email if you wish. In the same way, you can send a work order to your ERP to start the production process and get a notification from your ERP when the product or service is ready to be dispatched, Salesforce will be able in this way, promptly and automatically inform your customer what happens with your order.