The implementation of Salesforce in your business is not a long process, it usually takes between 1 and 2 weeks to perform all the basic configurations so that your users can start working and the benefits begin to be visualized.

The process includes several stages in which it is essential to form a joint work team between GOCODE consultants and key executives of your company. This joint work will require the following activities:

  • Initial Interview: A process survey will be carried out to analyze and discuss the key points that will be addressed in the implementation. In this phase the GOCODE team will focus on understanding your business and coming up with new ideas that will strengthen your usage and experience on the Salesforce platform.
  • Interview with the areas of the Company: It is key for the team to know how the different processes of their company communicate and identify how Salesforce can empower their work teams by improving communications and joint collaboration.
  • Gathering information: In this phase, GOCODE carries out documentation work on the information collected in the previous phases and proposes a work model which is explained and validated with the client in depth.
  • Define Priorities: In this phase, the priorities of the proposed requirements are established, the stages of how the project will be approached are defined, dates of agreements and commitments are established and finally GOCODE delivers a work plan for the project.
  • Implement: This is the stage where GOCODE works to configure its platform to materialize all the configurations and developments defined for the project. This is a stage where the client has an active participation, as it must be verifying and validating each of the requirements submitted for review.
  • Train: Finally, once the implementation of everything that is defined in the previous points is finished, training must be carried out to the users of the company. For this, the staff is brought together and a practical workshop is held in a test environment so that each of their collaborators can ask all the questions they need regarding their role on the platform.