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Today, having the help of experts to solve problems is of vital importance for the proper development of an organization.


At GOCODE we know this need and we offer you the advisory service, where an expert in the area will help you choose the correct path for your company to float and carry out the procedures in the appropriate way to achieve maximum performance and profitability. of your business.




Our advice flow consists of the following:   

  • First steps: Advice on the implementation of Salesforce for clients who are just starting with a CRM.
  • Survey and Analysis: Analysis of the client's business to develop the modeling of the optimal Salesforce configuration that will allow to take full advantage of all the platform's functionalities. 
  • Presale: Design and Implementation of tools, Marketing Strategies and Client Prospecting.
  • Sale: Modeling and Implementation of Supervised, Collaborative, Automated, Agile and Efficient Sales Processes.
  • Post Sale: Advice for the Implementation of an Excellent Customer Service System.
  • Challenges: Design of solutions to technical problems of the platform.


GOCODE offers you the possibility of carrying out the configuration and customization services of the platform for you. However, we support you in introducing the tool so that you can make the configuration changes you need. This is not a difficult process, since many of the functionalities that in any system require a lot of programming knowledge or hire expensive custom development projects, in Salesforce you can do it yourself from the administration panel with a few clicks.


The main advantage of the Salesforce platform is that it is not specific to your business. Although this sounds contradictory, the high level of customization of the platform will allow you to fully adapt the operation of the system to the current operation of the company. Why is this important? Because of the following:


  • Allows your collaborators to become familiar with the system's functionalities much more quickly, improving and guaranteeing the easy adoption of the platform in your team.
  • Drive the process improvements your team needs at infinitely less cost.
  • Control the access and visibility of your company's sensitive information and make it available to those who must make strategic decisions for the company.
  • It allows to generate new analysis tools and management indicators in a very simple way.
  • Facilitate the adoption of new industry practices more quickly, giving you control when your business needs it.


As Salesforce developers with a history of hundreds of successful custom builds, we know that the quality of the process is as important as the quality of the code.

That's why we spend more time listening to you to understand your unique business environment, before rushing to create a solution. That's why we follow an agile development model, with more opportunities for you to step in and review the work to make sure it meets your needs.

The result is a solution that integrates seamlessly, supports your business goals, and can be built and deployed through custom Salesforce development in less time.



Among the development services that GOCODE offers you are: 

  • Integrations: Salesforce communication solution with other software systems.
  • Building Custom Applications
  • Building Automated Processes: Complex automations that require the execution of lazy or asynchronous scheduled processes.
  • Support: Support in the implementation of new improvements, contingencies, challenges and adjustments.
  • Mobile development: Mobile application development services using Salesforce1 technology.


GOCODE Support is about more than fixing bugs and answering questions. It's the key to keeping your organization productive, competitive, and on track for long-term success.

At a minimum, ongoing support ensures that your Salesforce platform runs smoothly.

Support services also ensure high adoption rates by helping users feel confident in their abilities and motivated to get more out of their participation on the platform.

The most important thing about support is to respond to your requests on time and with an efficient solution.



Our approach to technical support emphasizes quick turnarounds, value for money, and long-term stability and profitability:

  • Established and proven processes to handle everyday questions and problems.
  • An agile method that can prioritize changes to fit any budget or timeline.
  • The single point of contact to ensure continuity and accountability.
  • A committed work team to provide specialized input as needed.
  • A proactive approach that connects you to updates and innovations quickly.